RV Window Seal Replacement

Today, we finally get to show you our RV window seal replacement and installation! If you missed the videos on how we removed the window or what our process was to reseal the windows.

Here are the the 7 easy steps we took to create a water-tight seal around our window and stop the damaging leaks:

1) Detach the window from the RV making sure to note the correct positioning of both the exterior window and the interior trim so you know how to reinstall it.
2) Clean the old butyl tape from both the siding and the inside edge of the exterior window (we used mineral spirits to do this but make sure you have gloves on and your are in a well ventilated area!)
3) Wipe down both surfaces with rubbing alcohol and let it dry.
4) Apply butyl tape (sticky side down) to the inside edge of the exterior window. The best practice is to lay the butyl tape as a single continuous strip around the window!
5) Peel the wax paper backing off of the butyl tape, press the window against the siding, and reinstall the window in its original position.
6) Use a dull X-Acto knife or putty to gently go around the outside edge of the window and square off all of the excess butyl tape.
7) Use a NON-SILICONE, SOLVENT BASED sealant to go around the entire outside edge of the window. This will protect the butyl tape from the elements and ensure you will not get any more leaks.

Renovation TIP:
Don’t use an electric drill. Though it may seem easier (like we thought), we researched that hand drilling the interior trim is much more gentile and you have less of a chance of stripping or breaking the screws. Also, make sure you have another person who is able to help both remove and install the window. It would be very hard to try and do this solo. Happy renovating!

Thanks for the love and support!

– Michael and Jenny Justus



Canon 70d (body only) →
Canon 18-135 STM lens →
Canon 10-18 wide angle STM lens →
iPhone 6/6s wide angle/telephoto lenses →
Shotgun mic →
Windscreen →
Tripod →
Monopod →
Lighting kit →
3-axis motorized gimbal →


NAME: HaRVey Dent
STYLE: Class C motorhome
YEAR: 1989
MODEL: Yellowstone Camino Classic
LENGTH: 28ft + Hitch and scooter
WEIGHT: 10,000 lb (approx.)
CHASSIS: Ford Econoline Club Wagon (e350)
ENGINE: Ford 460 7.5L V8 engine
ODOMETER: 47,000
MPG: 6.5 (on average)


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