RV Water Damage Repair

In past videos,  you saw us gut our water-damaged class c over cab. We tore out all the rotted wood, which included the entire floor/platform, most of the old framework and portions of the walls.

The old wood was so rotted that it would crumble beneath our fingers when we touched it. Today you’ll see how we rebuilt it. We married new frame work supports with the portions of the old frame that weren’t rotted using 2.5 inch wood screws.

Instead of replacing the new over cab with the same cheap stuff the manufacturers used, we opted to use real wood. The over cab is probably more sturdy now than it ever was – even when it was brand new!

Despite what I read online, the project wasn’t that expensive and it wasn’t really too difficult either. I say that now, but it was extremely daunting at first. Michael’s dad helped us come up with a rebuilding plan which took away a lot of the stress.

Here’s the thing though, it took A LOT of time. So the only way to keep costs down are to do it yourself. If you aren’t willing or can’t spend the time, hiring someone else to do it will probably be suuuppper expensive. Our total cost for this project was approximately $60!

Thanks for the love and support!

– Michael and Jenny Justus



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