RV Carpet Removal

We’re back at it again for round two of RV carpet removal. Today, we learn how to rip out the carpet around the toilet and stairs in our class c motorhome. We also have a tough time accessing the carpet in the cab area of our e350 because the driver’s seat won’t budge.

Toilet carpet is gross. BUT…it will be worth it in the end 🙂 In future videos, you’ll see us install beautiful hardwood floors that we recovered from the trash!

We’re also surprised to find out what color the carpet used to be back in 1989. It’s crazy what aging does to the color of carpet!

Always wear gloves (learn from our mistakes). Use a hammer to get leverage when trying to remove stubborn carpeting around the stairs. Keep in mind that manufacturers really like to tack and glue down the high traffic areas (which is a good until you try to remove it). So bring your game face when starting this project!

A few reasons why removing carpet in an RV is more difficult than removing carpet in a house:
1. RV manufacturers install the carpet in the rig FIRST and then install appliances, fixtures, drawers, cabinets, etc. ON TOP of the carpet. This means you have to either remove every appliance that’s screwed in and glued to the walls and floor or do what we did – use a carpet/utility knife to cut around the cabinets and appliances to get the carpet out.
2. Glue, tacks, and staples are used to fasten the carpet to the plywood subfloor.
3. You’re doing all of this in an extremely small space.

You can do this! Good luck and happy renovating!

Thanks for the love and support!

– Michael and Jenny Justus


Canon 70d (body only) →
Canon 18-135 STM lens →
Canon 10-18 wide angle STM lens →
iPhone 6/6s wide angle/telephoto lenses →
Shotgun mic →
Windscreen →
Tripod →
Monopod →
Lighting kit →
3-axis motorized gimbal →



NAME: HaRVey Dent
STYLE: Class C motorhome
YEAR: 1989
MODEL: Yellowstone Camino Classic
LENGTH: 28ft + Hitch and scooter
WEIGHT: 10,000 lb (approx.)
CHASSIS: Ford Econoline Club Wagon (e350)
ENGINE: Ford 460 7.5L V8 engine
ODOMETER: 47,000
MPG: 6.5 (on average)


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Written by Bobbi


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