New AC Shroud

After being covered up all winter long, it’s time to take off the protective RV cover and start the renovation process!

Our first step is to replace the old, brittle, cracked air conditioner cover with a new one. The AC shroud is important and protects the air conditioner unit from water and debris. Plastics naturally degrade over time due to age, sun exposure, and weather, so make sure you regularly check to condition of your covers!

As you will discover, nothing is “standard” in the RV world so it’s all custom made, custom paid, and custom fitted. It took us a while to find the perfect replacement shroud for HaRVey, so please make sure to do your homework and measure measure measure before you spend money on a new AC shroud.

– Michael and Jenny Justus



Canon 70d (body only) →
Canon 18-135 STM lens →
Canon 10-18 wide angle STM lens →
iPhone 6/6s wide angle/telephoto lenses →
Shotgun mic →
Windscreen →
Tripod →
Monopod →
Lighting kit →
3-axis motorized gimbal →


NAME: HaRVey Dent
STYLE: Class C motorhome
YEAR: 1989
MODEL: Yellowstone Camino Classic
LENGTH: 28ft + Hitch and scooter
WEIGHT: 10,000 lb (approx.)
CHASSIS: Ford Econoline Club Wagon (e350)
ENGINE: Ford 460 7.5L V8 engine
ODOMETER: 47,000
MPG: 6.5 (on average)


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