How To Insulate and Upholster Van Walls & Ceiling

In this video, Mike will give you some ideas, tips and tricks on how to insulate your van, and upholster the walls and ceiling of your cargo van / camper van to make it look like a professional did it! Go from cargo van to custom camper van in no time!

After you’ve insulated your van, then what? Just a couple steps further can take your van from basic to awesome… and show off your personality and creativity in the process! From foam, Reflectix & insulation sheeting to plywood, carpet, luan and upholstery, there are many options and layers that can go into your custom van. We hope this video will inspire you and help you to “do-it-yourself” and create the custom van interior you’ve always wanted!

This video is a DIY video on how to insulate and finish your own cargo van or camper van interior.

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Written by Bobbi


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